Video Series,
Web Design


A two-month long road trip interviewing and investigating what it means to “pursue your passions.”

Summer 2017-8



Created with:
Dana Golan + Sam Spaeth

Web Design Lead for
Under the name spiltmilk. two friends and I embarked on a 2-month adventure across the country to interview 20 designers, artists and creative studios across seven different states about their passions, resulting in the video series: The Passion Project. The video above features Kate Bingaman-Burt, our first interviewee and also the first video of the series.

A big thank you to our families, friends, and the amazing individuals who welcomed us into their spaces and stories who made this all possible.

(Featured: Seattle Design Festival 2018)

Daily Journals

Throughout our journey, we collected our thoughts in a daily journal. Each day we answered the following three questions (Where are ya? / What did you do? / How are you feeling?) and paired them with an illustration to describe the day.

Below are some of my favorite illustrations made on the road.